Your Money Breakthrough

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What if this was your money breakthrough?

I’m not talking about making more money. (Though, this will no doubt be a side benefit…)

I’m talking about the anxiety you feel when you spend and ask for money.

(to be clear, I’m also not talking about the ACTUAL stress that comes from struggling to pay bills…)

I’m talking about the subtle fear of rejection when you are trying to generate business or sell something.

I’m talking about the unconscious habit of always checking the price first when you buy something.

I’m talking about the hesitation (or outright avoidance) you have to check your bank balance.

I’m talking about talking yourself out of buying the new coat/purse/shoes/trips.

I’m talking about the justifications to spending money on yourself (I deserve this…).

I’m talking about the fact that while you have more than enough to be comfortable (you thought this might solve the money problems…) instead of worrying about getting it, you worry about running out or not making more.

I’m talking about that gut punch. That throat squeeze. That chest tightness.

That’s the money shit.

And, While this might seem innocent. Actually, reading it sounds pretty terrible…

Not only is the anxiety and worry draining. It causes you to avoid doing things you would truly love to do. The waves of dread each time you need to spend money, ask for money, talk about money, and god forbid do your taxes (or submit your tax info).

The even crazier part… Because your brain hates feeling those feelings (at least mine sure did) you will unconsciously avoid (like it or not… just your brain doing its job) things that involve money. Like spending it on things that could help your career or business. It will also avoid doing money-making tasks.

Now you know why I call it money shit. Because it’s shitty.

So what’s the breakthrough?

Well, On the other side of the breakthrough, there’s no more money shit. You spend and receive money without all the shit discussed above. So, all the consequences that come with the money shit fall away.

Without the shit you’ll feel excited to ask for money and spend freely. As a result, money-making tasks will flow and… yep, you’ll even make and have more money.

It’s not a complicated process, you just need an open mind and curiosity. If you have those, you’ll be good to go.

So, this is your invitation to your money breakthrough.

On Sunday June 11th @ 11am I’ll be guiding a small group through a step-by-step process that will help you let it all go. It’s simple (If I can do it… anyone can do it…). All you’ll need is a quiet space, access to zoom, a journal, pen and about an hour. If you’re interested, register now because space is limited.


What Are People Saying about the Money Breakthrough Workshop?

The money workshop with Luke was so amazing. It was a small intimate group. There were a lot of emotions. It helped me see all the blocks in my relationship with money. I can see why I’ve felt like I don’t deserve it and why it’s never there when I need it. I understand that my money stuff wasn’t really about money at all. It help start the healing and rewire-ring my thought processes around money to create new patterns of thinking. I highly recommend this workshop but… bring a box of tissue.

– Brandy