This is my Story…

The ship was built beautifully and perfectly for its unique voyage and destination.
Yet remained captive in the harbour despite its effort to break free and set sail…

This is my story. 
And, it just might be yours…. 

I thought my ship needed better sails.  Wider.  Lighter.  Ordained in gold trim. 
I thought my crew lacked strength, number and determination.
I thought my captain stupid, incompetent and dull.  
I spent my life trying to improve my ship. 
Every effort, consideration and action was a desperate attempt to find the missing piece. 

One day, not so long ago I looked off the back of my ship and to my utter astonishment…  

Heavy, ancient anchors cast into the depths of the sea were revealed by massive chains bound to my ship.  

How obvious…
…Release them!

No longer bound, my ship, with no effort at all, embraced the gentle breeze and finally I was set free to sail.

… Here I am. 

At sea. 
In the breeze.
The sun. 
My crew singing. 
My captain decisive and exacting (and charismatic funny and FUN)

Here I am. 

Enjoying the journey and moving towards my unique destination

Learn to see your anchors. So that you can let them go.

Then, sail wherever you like while enjoying the ride

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