“There’s no way she can carry all those bags!”

“There’s no way she can carry all those bags”

We were in the airport a few weeks ago and I left Georgia (my wife) with the bags as I took Rex (my son) to the other end of the small Regina airport Gate area.

Travelling with Rex has changed how we travel. Gone are the days of single carry-on bags. Now, we have car seats, strollers, and extra luggage for his needs and this time we had my guitar as well. After checking bags we were still lugging around the kitchen sink.

Georgia strolled right up to me, carrying everything we had (including her coffee).

The first thing she said was, “This guy was watching me position this stuff to carry and he let me know, I didn’t think for a second you were going to be able to carry all those bags”.

(to be fair… she had everything and the kitchen sink…).

Georgia, Rex and I at the Gorge waiting for The Dave Matthews Band to play.

She followed up, “Isn’t that funny? It never crossed my mind that I couldn’t do it”.

I’ve learned this lesson from Georgia 100’s of times. She sees the world differently than most. Certainly different from how I grew up seeing the world.

I remember years ago she was packing her mini for a move across Canada and I said, there’s no way you can fit all that stuff in there.

Well, she proved me wrong.

It’s truly amazing what’s possible when you just LIVE in possibility and don’t entertain “what if it won’t work” or, “I could never do that.

Georgia has done incredible things. She’s accomplished everything she’s set out to accomplish.

And slowly, I’ve adopted her lens.

This means plain and simple that you can too.

Do you see options and possibilities? Or roadblocks and frustration?

You are NOT bound to your limitations. But, first, we have to become aware they exist in the first place.

The implications extend far beyond moving luggage or packing a car….


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