There Are Many Reasons you Might Feel Stuck in Your Job…

There are many reasons you might feel stuck in your job…

Did you know 19% of people are miserable at work… and as few as 33% feel engaged?

It’s true!

It’s a staggering stat given that you spend most of your life at work.  You spend more time at work than with your kids, your spouse and certainly alone with yourself.

Why do we spend time doing something we don’t LOVE to do?

It will always come down to the story you tell yourself…

I can’t do anything else (this is a fatal belief… and… It’s completely false – but not to the one who believes it)
No one else would hire me (another erroneous fatal belief).
I could never start my own business (Again, fatal). 

Now, when I say fatal… you won’t literally keel over and die.   Rather, your dreams and aspirations will die.  You’ll slowly shrivel away until only a hollow shell remains.

Now, I KNOW that’s not you!

So, the other option is to recognize that

You can do ANYTHING else.  Maybe not literally, but you would be SHOCKED at what people get paid for.  You would be surprised how many people are working less and making more.  You’d be surprised just how many people are enjoying their work. 

And, it’s not because they are special. 

It’s because they opened themselves to believing something new (something actually useful!). 

(Isn’t that interesting! Actually choosing our beliefs! And, doing so through a lens of ‘what belief will serve me’!? A post for another time…)

Here are some more beliefs to try on. 

My dream job would be lucky and thrilled to hire me.  (If this scares you… well, that’s just the part of you trying to fight for it’s limitations… that’s not really you.  You see it now! So, let it go!)

I can start a business! (Even better)… I can start an amazing business that I love and that provides incredible value to those it serves!

Now we’re talking. 

Follow your joy. 
Follow your excitement. 
Follow your dreams. 

And, if it’s all very scary (which it SHOULD BE! It’s NEW!) start small.  You’d be amazed where the first step will take you. 


Click below for the 5 steps process to get unstuck!!



Click HERE to watch the YOUTUBE video where I expand on the limiting beliefs keeping you STUCK!

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