The Speaker

Throughout my extensive speaking career, I have had the opportunity to attend and participate in countless events. I have been witness to both rising stars and legendary speakers who captivate their audiences through their storytelling abilities, passion, and charisma. As someone who has seen the best of the best, I can confidently say that Luke Rossmo is in a league of his own. He possesses a rare and unique combination of captivating storytelling, razor-sharp wit and humor, an empowering and thought-provoking message, and musical prowess. He seamlessly blends these elements together to create something truly special. The well-deserved standing ovation he received was a testament to his ability to connect with his audience. If you are looking to create an event that your audience will be talking about long after it’s over, I highly recommend hiring Luke Rossmo as your speaker.

– Brain Grasso

Not Your Average Speaker

Luke is not your average speaker. He matches the storytelling ability, charisma, connection and impact of many of the best speakers today and also offers something truly unique. Luke weaves incredible original music throughout his speeches to create raw and emotionally impactful moments that will connect with the deepest parts of those attending. Music is the language of the soul and Luke is an incredible communicator. His message and impact are elevated to rarefied heights.


Luke will tailor the speech for your audience. He relishes any opportunity to inspire, motivate, and entertain.
As a mindset and performance expert, Luke will weave in practical tools to help those in attendance illuminate their limits and step into possibility. Attendees will be moved, entertained and empowered to dream bigger and become more. They will have practical tools they can use to create the results they’ve been searching for.

Attendee Feedback:

“The great speakers have a way of pulling you into their stories and making you a part of them. Luke Rossmo does this epically. I heard Luke speak at a summit a few weeks ago, and he truly impacted me. His authenticity, cadence, and sincerity in both his speech and his music makes it impossible to not be drawn in. If you have a chance to hear Luke in any way, don’t hesitate…do it.”

-Michael Kurkowski, Owner of Breakthrough Secrets, Host of the Strength Connection Podcast.

His talk at The Meta Summit was inspiring and motivating. We can all take away from his share of how we live our lives and should not allow self-imposed limits keep us from being nothing less than amazing in all aspects of our lives!

– Nicole Moress, Owner of N-Gage Fitness

Luke’s Performance Was Magical!

Luke did such an amazing job of causing the audience to lean in to what felt like a fireside chat among friends. He used a perfect combination of storytelling, playing, & singing that displayed his gifts of entertainment quite naturally. It was an aspirational invitation for us to dream big.

– Calvin Richard, Owner of Verus Fitness

Talented, creative, engaging, fun, as well as authentic, vulnerable and transparent are just some of the words that come to mind as I think about Luke Rossmo and the message he shared at a business owner’s summit.

How do you transform mistakes into magic, perfectionism into playfulness or fear into freedom in both life and business? Luke’s answered these questions and more in a refreshingly and entertainingly different way!

Using his own life journey as a backdrop, Luke blended his keen humour, musical talent, and captivating voice to invite us to join him in transcending fear, overcoming self-imposed limitations and becoming alive to possibility. In what was both educational and entertaining, I left inspired to dream big and to do the impossible.

Thanks, Luke!

– Margeret Beam

As I watched Luke Rossmo take the stage recently, I couldn’t help but be captivated by his presence. Armed with a guitar, he told his story of finding his place in the world. What followed was a powerful and inspiring performance, combining elements of storytelling, comedy, song, and conviction. 

Luke quickly engaged us with his passionate energy like a modern-day Les Brown, as he weaved elegantly between story and song. He enthralled the audience with his stories and beautiful songs, leaving us all in awe and motivated to “spread our wings and fly”. 

His final song, “Life’s Wave”, served as the perfect conclusion to his presentation, as he energetically sang, “Everyday is a good day when you’re riding life’s wave” and even enlisted the audience with a call-and-response portion of the song. Magic.  If you’re looking for a powerful and inspiring performance, look no further than Luke Rossmo. He will provide an experience that will leave you feeling uplifted and motivated to take risks and pursue your dreams.

– Malcolm Ward

Luke Rossmo was a phenomenal speaker. He brings such a unique stage presence to his speaking gigs with his music. He blends a beautiful mix of storytelling, music, and mindset. I’d highly recommend hiring him to speak at your conference or corporate event.

Joe Stauffacher