The Real Reason You Can’t Lose Weight

Here’s the reason you’re stuck in a cycle of perpetual weight loss struggle bullshit. 

First.  It’s not your fault. 

Most of us have been conditioned by diet culture. 

It’s diet culture’s fault.

The system is insidious and beyond toxic. 

It has roots FAR deeper than what we eat and our habits. 

It seeps into and shapes who we think we are at our core.

Let me explain. 

Here is the superficial message of diet culture:

Lose weight. 

Take a moment and imagine yourself at your local grocery checkout counter surrounded by magazines.  I can usually count about 6 magazines telling (mostly women) to lose x amount of pounds in y amount of time.  We are hit with that message over and over and over again.  Kids now more than ever with socials…

How do you lose weight?

Diet, count macros, exercise more…

You can’t undo a lifetime of diet culture at the level of food/habit/exercise.

AND – if you actually are one of the FEW that succeed sustainably losing weight you will in most cases become obsessive about staying fit the way you were obsessive with trying to lose weight. 

Why? Because the core of the issue hasn’t been addressed.

This is moving towards the centre of the core…

We internalize an identity that needs to lose weight.  And, if that identity is to stay intact then it will ALWAYS sabotage your BEST efforts.  It’s just a matter of time. 

Diet culture creates a problem and then sells you solutions that don’t work. 

(But Luke! If I’m not obsessing about food and losing weight… won’t I NEVER lose weight.  No.  And, the part of you asking is evidence of the ‘lose weight’ identity!)

Now, this isn’t even the worst part.

The deeper messages inherent within diet culture are that you should be different from who you are.  Therefore, you’re not ok or enough (these will hit individuals differently depending on many factors…). 

That’s the core message of diet culture. 

You’re not enough.
You’re not ok. 

You SHOULD be different. 

And, you are going to try to lose weight to feel like enough… feel ok.  Even if you lose the weight you think you need to you still won’t address the core issues above…

How do you know if you’ve been trapped by the system?

You are always trying to lose weight. 
You plan your whole day of meals. 

You have an emotional reaction when you step on the scale. 

Diets and dieting don’t work. 
You judge some foods as bad and others as good. 

Imagine how you would feel if you never thought about food, diets, dieting, and weight loss again. (If you felt panic.. Then that’s just the part of you who thinks they need to lose weight in the first place freaking the fuck out).  

This is why I stopped coaching weight loss. 

I didn’t want to feed a narrative suggesting something was wrong with anyone. 

Because there isn’t.

I want to gently encourage you to step into the freedom that exists in knowing you’re ok and enough as you are.  


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