The Difference Between You and the Rest of the Universe

Have you ever been out in nature and suddenly been stuck with awe and grandeur for the natural world?

It often happens to me walking the paths and trails near our house. My pace slows, and my gaze walks up the BC trees to their peaks and back down. The ground is covered in long fallen trunks, the ground carpeted in moss. Saplings spring up from the long dead trees.

Cycles of birth, life and death are abundant.

And there I am.. Little old me. Awestruck.

Have you had moments like that?

Consider the same magic moving it all along is moving you along.

Have you ever stopped before a mirror and been stuck with the same awe?

Or? Do you stop in front of the mirror and berate yourself for your looks? Your body? The ‘dumb’ thing you said last night? The lack of career progress?

That’s the human side of being human.

Practise looking for the same reverence and awe you so easily find looking at nature in yourself.

It will change the way you see and speak to yourself.

And, that just might change everything.


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