Stuck yo-yo dieting?

10 things I learned while working through my obsessive binging pattern and a lifetime of yo-yo dieting.

1) You cannot bully yourself into change.  It will never work.  Period. 

2) Self-compassion is a prerequisite to changing any pattern. 
3) Trying not to binge doesn’t work. 

4) Binging is part of a cycle.  Understanding the cycle is critical to stepping and dissolving it. 

5) There was nothing wrong with me.  I’m NOT a failure (like I believed I was for 25+ years).

6) Binging is surface level.  I had to look below the surface. 

7) Here’s the pattern:

Binge —> beat the shit out of myself (bully in the brain) —> guilt/shame/feelings of failure —> hyper restriction (have to let this go!) —> emotional trigger/build up —> fight between icecream/non-icecream —> Binge. 

Repeat.  Every 4-7 days. 

8) Don’t start with the binge itself.  Work each step of the cycle. 

Self-compassion —> no guilt or shame —> NO restriction —-> seek to feel and understand feelings —> Do not engage in a fight in the behavior —> if you end up in a binge (it’s ok) slow down 10% and try to actually enjoy the food your eating. 

Rinse repeat.  Watch the cycle dissolve. (slowly, over time).  

9) Be aware that other behaviours and patterns will sneak in if you don’t learn to feel your feelings (and let them go). 

10) Being stuck in that pattern feels like prison and torture.  Being unstuck is liberating. 


I made a video discussing how diet culture affects us on the deepest level and how trying to change your behaviour with food (dieting…) will not undo the deleterious effects of diet culture.  This isn’t about losing weight.  It’s about getting out of the cycle that makes you believe you should lose weight in the first place. 

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Or/And, Click HERE for the 5 steps to get unstuck and live your best damn life!!

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