Get UNstuck

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Your brain is not wired to achieve your goals or live a fulfilling life. Its primary job is to keep you safe (stuck in the harbour). As the analogy above suggests, you cannot both be stuck in the harbour and moving towards your desired destination while enjoying the journey.

In this seminar, you will learn how your brain is working to keep you safe.

You’ll have a far greater understanding of how your brain filters information into your conscious mind, how your brain automatically tells a story and creates meaning (even when it’s not true) and then believes the story it tells. We’ll explore and understand the consequences of this insidious loop and then dive into ways to understand our limiting narrative so that we can release from it.

When we do our brain aligns with creativity, joy, success and achievement. Best of all, you’ll feel a sense of freedom and possibility.


While the seminar exists as a standalone coaching can continue afterwards. Therefore seminar rates vary.

Great for extended lunch and learns, meetings, and PD days for corporations and teams.