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For Entrepreneurs, Coaches and Leaders Looking to 2-10x their Impact and Income.

 “The mass of men live lives of quiet desperation”

– Henry David Thoreau

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Join The Growth Academy and uncover your limitations and let them go to 2-10X your impact and income!

Attention! Established Entrepreneurs, Coaches, and Leaders ready to stop playing small and start living their full potential.

Get unstuck and create the life YOU want to live, feel energized and fulfilled as you 2-10x your impact and enjoy the freedom that comes from the resulting income. 

Working with Luke has transformed my life in ways that I never thought were possible. His approach to shifting limiting beliefs is nothing short of amazing. With Luke’s guidance, I was able to uncover the deeply ingrained patterns that were holding me back from achieving true fulfillment and success. His unique method allowed me to get to the root of my issues and make real, lasting changes. The results were truly astounding. After working with Luke, my income skyrocketed from nearly 2K per month to 10K per month. I feel so proud and accomplished, which I never thought was possible by the way. Not only has my financial situation improved, but my confidence in myself and my abilities has grown exponentially. Luke’s impact on my life is immeasurable, and I can’t thank him enough for helping me reach new heights of success.

– Sofia

Imagine what life would be like if…

…you stopped playing small, stepped out of your limiting patterns of thought, feeling and action and into your truth and inherent greatness.

  • wake up with the confidence that comes from knowing you are in control of your financial future, and that you can create the life you’ve dreamed of.
  • Live with the freedom that comes from knowing you have enough money to easily cover your bills, save for the future, provide for your children, and even indulge in your dream adventures,
  • Enjoy the clarity and confidence to generate the amount of money you dream of, without working 24-7 and burning out.
  • Step out of your comfort zone, stop playing small and create the life, business, income and impact you actually want.  


A community of entrepreneurs, coaches and leaders who are thinking bigger and creating a life that breaks conventions while inspiring others to do the same.

Listen up if you want to experience life without limits and create life-changing impact and income.

What is the Growth Academy?

The Growth Academy is a 3-month mastermind dedicated to helping you own your greatness, and live authentically (BE YOU) in life and business so that you can have a massive positive impact and enjoy the income that comes with letting go of your limiting beliefs and patterns keeping you playing small. 

A community of entrepreneurs, coaches and leaders living authentically and powerfully, creating the lives of their dreams and showing, by example, what’s possible. 

Create a new and exciting vision for your life and business that you can’t wait to wake up to and bring to life.

An inside-out approach, system and methodology to become the version of you who has the income and impact the current you might not even be able to dream of.

The Growth Academy puts the focus on YOU.

Why?  Because you are at the centre of your life, business, impact and income.  Release your limits and watch your impact and income soar. 

Growth in any area of life including income and impact is an INSIDE JOB.  Stop looking for the next program, course or book and instead, learn to look within to reveal the unconscious stories, beliefs and patterns holding you back.  Let them go and easily move forward with clarity, discipline, drive and desire while consistently taking bold action.  Enjoy the impact and income that flow when you’re no longer in your way.


  • You’re open to considering that you are the lynchpin of your income, business and impact. Therefore, putting yourself first, releasing your limits and owning your greatness is the most important thing to developing success in business (and life). 
  • You want to know yourself beyond what society, parents, friends and coworkers have told you you *should* be.
  • You’re DONE being stuck at the same income level or can’t seem to gain consistent traction. 
  • You are OVER trying harder and not getting anywhere.  You’re sick and tired of spinning your wheels.
  • You’re ready to ditch the stress and anxiety that comes with trying to control every single aspect of your business for fear of it “not working”.
  • You spend time and energy worrying about failing, where your next client/business is coming from, or having enough money.
  • You have ‘enough’ money, and your terrified of losing it.
  • You wonder if the effort is worth it.  
  • You feel FRUSTRATED with yourself and/or thinking about your business brings you anxiety.
  • Money/business/clients keep you up at night
  • You are SICK OF struggling with the same thing year after year..
  • You don’t feel like you’re worthy or enough. 
  • Deep down you are afraid of actually living your dreams and leaving ‘playing small’ behind. Yet, you’re terrified of staying in the same place. 
  • You’re often stressed, anxious, fearful, worried, overwhelmed, overthinking, catastrophizing, waiting, and/or tired. 
  • you’re full of excuses.
  • You can’t seem to escape vices like eating, drinking, sexing/masturbation, mindless scrolling, and binging shows (and other things).
  • You’re relatively ‘successful’ but it’s coming at the expense of your health, energy and relationships.
  • You seem to be facing the same issues in life and business over and again. 
  • You procrastinate 
  • You start and stop consistently and are always on the search for the next best thing
  • You can’t imagine a way beyond where you are (whether your earning 10’s of thousands a month or struggling to get started)
  • you have a feeling you might be holding yourself back… 

…You’re ready to grow. 

“Success is 80% psychology and 20% skill”
– Tony Robbins.

It’s time to put yourself first and release your limits so that you can lead authentically and powerfully creating aligned impact and enjoying the resulting income. 

Who is The Growth Academy NOT for?

  • Looking for more tactics + strategies (of course, these have their place in business, but The Growth Academy is about YOU first). 
  • You’re not willing to invest time into your mental, physical and spiritual well-being.   
  • Not ready to step WAY outside your comfort zone.
  • You’re not willing to be open and vulnerable with yourself.
  • You’re not open to contributing and collaborating with the community. 
  • You’re looking for a saviour or magic pill.
  • You want to play keep playing safe. 
  • You are going to let your comfort win over your growth and expansion.
  • You’re an asshole.



  • Daily accountability (morning and evening check-ins) that will give you major traction and super charge your momentum.
  • Weekly coaching calls over Zoom that will provide insights on what’s holding you back financially (and in business and life in general), how to let it go, and implement actions that align and propel you towards your new expanded vision.
  • In-depth training (and support) on my signature GROWTH mindset system that will allow you to grow into the version of you who has 2-10X your impact and income (and feel amazing and inspired as you win each and every day).
  • Bonus access to The Deep Roots Mindset Master class to understand how your brain works to keep you stuck and ho to get unstuck so that you an continue to evolve your mindset practice as you evolve.
  • Special guest speakers to help with business tactics and strategies (we don’t turn a blind eye to the 20%)
  • Access to free (for you, and given priority enrollment) in-person retreats to connect, go deeper and expand larger.

The story (so far):

“Hey! I’m Luke, and, I’m excited you’re here. 

Straight up, my life was a train wreck. I was chronically anxious, ping-ponged from binge eating to severe dietary restriction and (way) over-exercising,  often sad and overwhelmed, had little self-worth and lived most of my life DEAD BROKE.  (The truth was I was a train wreck…)

When I transitioned to online business I had no idea what I was doing.  I invested in many programs to learn “proven tactics and strategy” to help scale to my first “10k months”. 

And, It wasn’t long before I was earning 10k/ month. 

But, I brought all my old baggage with me.  Somehow, hitting 10k months didn’t solve my anxiety, overwhelm or low self-worth.  In fact, it added new pressures.  I felt crushed beneath the weight of wanting more.  Two years ago my business and life imploded. 

That’s when I began to focus more on myself than on my business.  I took lessons from spiritual texts, modern mindset systems, and select ‘self-help’ work and learned to look within.  I learned to see all the limiting beliefs and patterns that had kept me playing small, adding stress (in business and life) creating anxiety, overwhelm, overthinking, procrastination, worry, fears (and more…) and I began to let them go.

While things didn’t change overnight, they did begin to change. 

For the first time, I felt free to be myself.  I felt free to create what I wanted to (not what I felt I *should*).  I felt free to enjoy my business and life.  I started to dream bigger (why not multiple 7-figure businesses – now, I’m not claiming to be here.  But I know I will be).  I started to imagine a life and business that truly aligned with who I AM (not who I’ve been taught I *should* be) and do things I love (instead of things I’ve been taught I *should* do). 

And, as I’ve let go of the things holding me back, I’ve enjoyed more money.  I’m creating more impact.  I’m dreaming bigger for myself, my business and my family.  But more than that, I’ve enjoyed the freedom to just be ME. 

Here’s how I’ve done it:

In the last few years, I’ve personally 4x my income (more to come! And, truth be told… the income isn’t the best part… the freedom that comes with just being me IS) without working more hours or trying harder by evolving through these 7 things:


1 – VISION. Unleash your true (burried) desires that align with making great money while positively impacting others.

2- ACT.  Momentum building strategies that will push you to new levels of growth, income and impact as you learn to generate energy and use it to super-charge your inspired day.

3 – UNCOVER -The root reason for feeling stuck so you can overcome them once and for all.

4 – ADJUST – Re-imagine your vision (and life) without limits and set goals that make you come alive and feel inspired. 

5 – IMPLEMENT – Take massive action toward your expanded vision and watch your bank account and impact soar to levels you may not have thought possible.

6 – EVOLVE – Integrate the newly expanded version of yourself with day to day actions, beliefs, identity and incredible feeling that will catapult you to financial freedom and living without limits.

7 – BECOME.  As we evolve through the cycle discussed above we become the person who’s achieved what we’d like to achieve and has what we want to have.  We become our ideal and as we do our ideas of what’s possible expand. This upward expansion doesn’t end. It evolves as we become.

I will walk you through my 6-part framework to go from feeling stuck and in limbo at your current income level to inspired and excited generating 2-10X your income and impact:

You will:

  1.  Connect deeply with yourself (instead of living from limiting patterns), lead and create from your unique brilliance. 
  2. Understand what is really holding you back.  It’s rarely what we think…
  3. Release the blocks, limiting beliefs, and bullshit conditioning that has kept you (safe and) playing small.
  4. Create a new vision for yourself, your business, your health and your family in the absence of limitations (let the real fun begin).  
  5. Build momentum and align with the version of yourself who has confidence, attracts money, inspires others, and lives a life without limits.
  6. Access a coach and group of like-minded individuals who foster attitudes of walking the walk, dreaming big, taking massive action, who have your back, who will push you forward, and create the environment for you to GO FOR BIG!

I …. recommend Luke to Business Owners, Entrepreneurs or anyone looking to grow in an aspect of their life. For myself Luke helped with the Business aspect of life, the amount of confidence I gained in my abilities as a professional and the overall mindset I come to the office with every day has changed for the better! This gained confidence has given me the ability to expand and grow my business to new heights!”

– Riley Leffler

Join The Growth Academy and watch your life expand, your bank account grow, experiences broaden, relationships thrive and impact explode as you release your limits.