Parents! Get UNstuck and live your best damn life. Connect deeply while creating a life of impact and legacy that your kids will be proud of! Become part of a supportive and inclusive community that will help foster self-belief and possibility.  Learn and implement a simple mindset system that allows you to understand yourself and shed the layers of self-limitation, doubt and self-sabotage thereby allowing your birthright: joy, connection and possibility. Click “The Growth Academy to learn more.

One-on-one coaching for the breakthrough you’ve been looking for. Uncover and understand the depths of your mind and see the unconscious beliefs and thoughts holding you back. Then, let them go. Possibility, joy, energy and connection are on the other side. Click to learn more.

You: Understand, Let go and Grow

Luke will lead your team through an exercise to reveal and release the limitations holding you back. Perfect for teams and corporations alike.


Luke is not your ordinary motivational speaker. He infuses thought-provoking storytelling with music providing an experience like no other. Gain a deeper understanding of self, learn to look within and let go of the things holding you back. And, enjoy Luke’s unique gift of music and performance.

The Language of Growth

Stay tuned for Luke’s first book due in 2023.

The language of growth is the language of life itself and is responsible for all the wonders of the natural world including us; the human being. Luke helps you understand how the voice in your head is ruining your life, keeping you stuck, stagnant, anxious and depressed. Learn how to listen to and understand the voice in your head so you can break free of the limitations it’s imprisoned you with and re-align with the Language of Growth. You’ll learn how to step out of limitation into possibility and live a joyful, connected and vibrant life on route to accomplishing your goals and stepping into the real you.