It’s important to be responsible right?! It’s important to keep the house clean… go to your 9-5… do the ‘right thing’ financially…

It’s important to teach our kids to BE responsible..

but… responsible for/to what exactly?

Let me share a story!

My ideas of responsibility were killing my wife…

Here’s what it sounded like…

L: “When we pay off our debt we can move into Vancouver”.

Let me explain the situation (and thus how I rationalized her DEATH).

We currently live about 50 minutes east of Vancouver. Our cost of living is almost 50% more than when we lived in Regina. Moving into Vancouver will see another 25 rate increase or so.

So, I thought… we should pay off our debt so that we can use the extra money allocated to debt repayment to pay for the extra rent.

Makes sense… right?!


G wants to move to Vancouver. She wants to settle into a spot where we can raise Rex as he attends school. She wants roots. She wants to connect with other Empowered women and change the fucking world.

So what’s the big deal?

Georgia has been saying things like, “I feel trapped”. “I feel stuck”. “I feel like I’m waiting to live my life”.

She’s been waiting because of my belief.

Here’s the belief: Being “responsible” to repaying the debt is the most important thing

That belief was killing G. And as much as I’m responsible for my growth, I’m as responsible for creating the environment for her growth and self expression. (This is also my role for R!)

It was clear that belief wasn’t serving us…

Evidence staring me in the face from all angles and directions. Yet, the evidence I was somehow blind to until last week.
We don’t know what we don’t know!!! (SHOOT).

So… what did I do?

Turned my world on its head.

Here’s a new belief:

I am responsible for my (and hers… and YOUR) growth and expansion.

And with that, I told her we should move NOW.

Within days our relationship was 10x better. I felt 100x better. She felt 1 million times better.

And… crazy enough, we just instantly paid off all the debt with some money we had laying around for other stuff.

That little voice in my head will rationalize NOT doing the things that serve my growth and expansion every which way it can. Not because there’s anything wrong with me… but because that’s it’s job (which it does really fucking well).

Your brain (that voice in your head) does the same damn thing.

Here’s an invitation to be responsible for your growth and expansion.


I posted a video to youtube discussing this very thing, Check it out below!


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