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Don’t Die With Your Music Inside You

28 years old. That’s how old Luke was when he first stepped on a small open mic stage. It was at the Artful Dodger in Regina Saskatchewan.

Luke had wanted to play onstage for 28 years. The fear inside him telling him he couldn’t do it, that he would fuck it all up, and that he wasn’t cut out for it kept him from stepping into his dream.

The dream at the time was to play music in front of a single person. At the time, it seemed impossible.

Luke has learned that limitations only seem to vary in magnitude. He faced his fear 8 years ago and hasn’t looked back. He’s played on many stages doing countless solo shows as well as playing with an amazing band. He’s released several singles as well as an album.

His current musical aspiration is to play on stage with who he considers to be the best band in the world. The Dave Matthews Band. You can check out his music using the links provided!

Music links!

Click below to check Luke out on Spotify! You can listen to his newest single “floating” as well as stay tuned for the next single called “Little Bird”.

Click below to check Luke out on his Youtube channel. It features covers as well as acoustic music.

New single!

Check out Lukes Newest single on any streaming platform!

Floatin weaves the wonder of life on earth with the hubris of man thinking that our species will be here as long as the stars. Luke gently encourages the lister to find joy in the simple momentsand marvel at the wonder of life on earth as we embrace our love for one another.

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