Magic in the Mundane…

I always look for magic in the mundane because let’s face it, so much of life is mundane. It’s the small things compounded over time that make the difference between an average life and an amazingly thoughtfully crafted one.

It’s also vital to register the small things done daily (even when they aren’t work/business related, with that in mind…

Here are the topp highlights from my day with Rex Yesterday! (Sept. 15th, 2022)

1 – The zoo. 

We went to the zoo. Rex’s favourite thing was the non-operational train that he asked about 10000 times and the small dinosaur exhibit (which he asked to return to 1000 times).  My favourite things were carrying him and watching him stroll from one viewing port to the next and seeing his delight in seeing all his favourite animals in real life. 

Though, my delight often exceeded his.  Two amazing moments: we saw a 20 year old grizzly rear up her hind legs and stretch upwards braced against a tree (WOW) and 2) a lioness roar.  It resonated within my chest and there was a primal feeling of ferocity, power and restraint.  (double wow). 

2 – Top Gun Maverick

Everything I want in a movie.  Though it was all incredibly predictable it was equally fun and exciting.  

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3 – Rex was stung by something on his cheek. 

I made a detour to a farmers market to get some fresh vegetables and meat to cook dinner for our little family (Georgia had a long work day and it’s something she delights in). Rex wandered over to the apples and I wandered over to the bundled carrots. 

Then, I heard him cry.  My head turned in response and I saw something fly away from his face and tears welling up in his eyes.  I walked over asking what was up and he looked at me, “My face hurts”.  I bent down and the stinger was embedded in his cheek. 

I got to hold him tenderly as he cried in my arms.  I had the gift of giving him love and compassion.  Honestly, my heart swells thinking about that moment.   
4 – last one…

I climbed into bed shortly after G and R (yes… he’s sleeping in our bed right now) and Rex was still awake.  As I got in he said “Daddy Cuddle”.  He scurried over and pulled him into his cuddle spot using his leg.  I apologized for my cold hands (he was warm).  He said, “Daddy cold?… here daddy…”.  And he grabbed my arm (which I had moved away from him to spare him the contrast) pulled it under the covers and placed it on his chest.  “Daddy warm”…

… and that was the best moment of all. 


That’s Rex the day after the bite… Looks like he went a round with Mike Tyson…

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