How you should speak to your kids (how do you speak to yourself?)

Does how you talk to your kids match how you talk to yourself? 
I was just considering how I speak to Rex (my currently 3 y/o son)…

“I Love you so much”
“You can do anything you want to do in this world!”
“I see you’re feeling sad, that’s ok! Do you know why you’re sad?”

And it hit me…

That’s exactly how I speak with myself (most of the time). 

And, it wasn’t always the case (not by a long shot…). 

I used to beat myself up constantly.  I was so hard on myself.  And, I truly didn’t think I could do anything in this world.  Frankly, I didn’t really think I could do much at all. 

It’s curious… how we treat the people we love most so much better than how we treat ourselves. 

I challenge you to speak to yourself with the same encouragement, compassion and love you speak to those you love most. 

It will change your life!


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