Balance is bullshit…

Oct. 28th. 2022


I used to spend a lot of time practicing hand balancing (handstands). 

Balance seems to be an ideology we strive to achieve… To be balanced. 

This implies some sort of finality or conclusion. 

In the practice of hand balancing (and in fact standing), you are never balanced.  Balance is not an endpoint.  Each micro movement is an attempt to RE-balance. 

It’s a never-ending series of adjustments. You do not achieve a state of balance. 

You work to rebalance.

It’s counterintuitive but in the inverted world of hand balancing and hand walking you’d assume that balancing is easier. 

It’s not.  Walking on your hands is easier than staying still. 

Movement makes re-balancing easier.

Maybe you haven’t tried hand balancing or walking on your hands… 
… but I’m sure you’ve ridden a bike. 

Same thing!

Balance isn’t something we need to look for, find, or create. 

It’s something that happens when we pursue growth and expansion (movement). 

And, it’s a process.  (like all things). 

Or… maybe I’m full of shit!

What do you think?!


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