Are you a Dreamer?

What’s your BIG dream?

Do you even know!?

It wouldn’t surprise me if you didn’t.

I didn’t.

Though, it may be more accurate to say I had some hints but didn’t really think it was possible for me.

I was bound by my limiting beliefs.

Over the past few years, I’ve discovered and discarded dozens of limiting beliefs. (maybe 100’s…)

I take solace in the fact that they weren’t mine. I picked them up along the way. (If you have some… they’re not really yours…)

A big dream may be too daunting to consider.

I get that too. There was a time when I was too afraid to dream at all.

I was a dreamer dead before my time.

So many of us ‘live’ like this.

Stuck in old patterns that no longer serve us. Unconsciously rebelling against the inherent and constant FLOW of life.

That is the essence of feeling stuck.

Part of us wants to move on and another part (the scared part, the safe part, the small part) wants to stay exactly where we are.

You have to let go to move on. You have to let go in order to dream (big or small).

You must let go of the small parts trying to keep you safe.

That is both terrifying and liberating.

Luke Rossmo

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