Am I Controlling?

Turns out I’ve lived my entire life trying to control EVERYTHING.

(talk about exhausting.. and… futile…)

Here’s the easiest way to know if you (or, more accurately, part of you) is fighting for control.

You use if/then statements – this/that statements – when/then statements.

I was unaware of MOST of these until just a few weeks ago.

WOW… (I’m always floored when I learn something new about myself)

Here are some examples…

When we pay off the debt, we can move (said to Georgia for 2 years).

(Controlling the flow of our life, Controlling finances, controlling her… UGH).

If I write posts like this, then I might get a client. (the way I was writing all my content).

(Trying to control my business… not working lol!).

If can eat dessert if I eat my vegetables.

(control my diet)

Control comes from a sense of needing to feel safe. (not always..)

Giving up the of me that felt like it needed to control everything has been …


Because I’ve never experienced life without the controller.

(NEVER – Read that again).

But, it’s also been incredibly liberating.

Turns out things work out even better when I stop trying to control every damn thing.

And, I’m less stuck than ever.


I was stuck in a pattern of control.

Now I’m not.

Trying to control life is an exhausting way to live. Worse, it robs you of enjoying the moment. You’re always preoccupied with trying to control the future you lose yourself in it. It stems from anxiety and fuels it.

The good news is that we can work with this part within us (this character) that we’ve been living life through the eyes of.

Here’s the first big takeaway.

It’s not us!

So, begin to observe the pattern of control within you.

Notice how it behaves. Notice the tension it creates within. Notice how it thinks (refer to the statements above).

In the absence of control is space. Space to be. Space to enjoy. Space for life itself.

“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished” – Lao Tzu

In the absence of control, life takes over. And guides us effortlessly along our path.

Luke Rossmo

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