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Deep Roots Mindset & Performance By Luke Rossmo

Helping Parents Get Unstuck So They Can Live Their Best Damn Lives.

Connect deeply, create a life of impact and leave a legacy your kids will be proud of.

About Me

I’m Luke Rossmo and I help parents get unstuck so they can live their best damn lives! This means connecting deeply while creating an impact and leaving a legacy your kids (and more importantly, YOU) will be proud of.

…step out of stress, limitation, worry, anxiety, frustration and fear into a new way of living. You’ll experience ease of being, joy, connection and a life without perceived limitation. Live in possibility.

Luke is a mindset and performance coach, speaker, writer, musician and performer.

Options for getting unstuck

The thing about blindspots… we don’t see them. We don’t see how our unconscious narratives and beliefs stop us in our tracks and sabotage our momentum and growth. We’re ignorant of the chronic stress sapping our energy. We don’t know how much more effective we could be, if only we felt the freedom that comes with stepping into possibility. Together, we shine a light on the shit holding you back, so you can let it go. Doing so ensures the achievement of your goals, but more importantly, allows you to live in joy freedom and possibility.

The Speaker

If you’re looking for a dynamic, relevant and inspiring speaker specializing in mindset and performance look no further. Luke rivals the most compelling speakers in terms of storytelling, engagement and impact. That’s not all. He weaves original music throughout his speech punctuating his overall message and theme that create incredible moments that will inspire your audience while helping them transcend their perceived limitations.

Want to Take your First Step into Possibility?

You’ve always had everything needed to achieve your goals and live the life of your dreams. You simply need to understand and let go of the unconscious limitations keeping you stuck.
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The mind creates, and with its power…
…The power to create limitation.
Which it doesn’t intend nor realize.
We’re left to wonder why life looks as it does when we’re looking out
from our invisible prisons…
Pushing against them.
Raging against them.
Dying within them.


What Clients Are Saying

I would for sure recommend Luke to Business Owners, Entrepreneurs or anyone looking to grow in an aspect of their life. For myself Luke helped on the Business aspect of life, the amount of confidence I gained in my abilities as a professional and the overall mindset I come to the office with everyday has changed for the better! This gained confidence has gave me the ability to expand and grow my business to new heights!”

Riley Leffler

I would have never imagined the deepness and the stories he has helped me uncover about myself and my beliefs, I realized what was holding me back and the steps I need to take to get to my goals…I have been practicing every single day….and I have to say it’s been a complete turnaround. He is dedicated, committed, and always holds you accountable, even just a “Hi, how are you?” reminds me that he has my back and is reminding me of something important. Working with him has elevated my thinking!

Sofia Om

The world deserves you at your best. Your kids deserve you at your best.
More than that, you deserve you at your best. Enjoy living in the freedom of possibility.

Luke Rossmo Music

In a world where you can be and do anything…


Music is a huge part of Luke’s life. He enjoys creating and performing. It sets his soul on fire.

As much as he would love you to check out his music, he would rather you explore and spend time on the things that set YOUR soul on fire.

In a world where you can be and do anything, be you (The REAL you) and do the things you love.

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